BRIEF HISTORY: Bay of Plenty Philippines Friendship Society  Inc.
Late summer of 1995, a group of 20 like-minded Filipinos gathered in Gloria Avena’s house in McKee Avenue, Rotorua to discuss a historical event in Filipino’s lives that will last for many years.
 So, it was, that late afternoon of February 1995, that these Filipinas with the support of their good-hearted Kiwi husbands, decided to launch the Filipino club called “Bay of Plenty- Philippine Friendship Society Incorporated”, which until now is alive, strong, and actively engaging Filipinos to be unified through sports, culture and community involvement in all areas for the benefit of all Filipinos locally and nationally.
The long-term goal for the club is to have a Filipino hall  someday, where the new generations will appreciate the feeling of “belongingness” or “Filipino identity.” Fundraisings from day one started which lasted for many years.
The first President of the non-profit community organisation is Cherry Andrews who had been in this position for several terms until 2018.  The club hosted the following successful Labour Weekend festivities:
  • 2001 – First hosting – Theme – “Balikatan at Kasayahan sa Rotorua”
  • 2007 – Second hosting – Theme – “Balik Kasayahan sa Rotorua”
  • 2018 – Third hosting – Theme – “Sama-sama sa Rotorua”
  • 2023 – Fourth Hosting – Theme –“Balik Kasayahan sa Rotorua”
The club will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2025.
We would like to acknowledge all the people who have started this club and who have worked tirelessly doing different types of fundraising such as selling raffle tickets in town, sausage sizzle, and others during the foundation years to be able to build a solid structure.  Our main goal is so we can share our culture with future generations and start our fund to build our “Filipino hall”


  • Cherry Andrews
  • Gloria Avena
  • Ruth Barber
  • Nieva Buhay
  • Ian Butler
  • Rose Heath
  • Rowena Howe
  • Cecille Hughes
  • Nancy Martin
  • Grant and Inday Milligan
  • Vangie Philpott
  • John Piercy
  • Apolo and Elvie Solo
  • Elsa Walsh