Talent & Cultural

The Philippines is known for having several folk dances and festival dances. These dances have been integrated into Philippine society over the course of many years and are embedded in Philippine culture.
Filipinos considered dancing as a religious activity, thanksgiving for a fruitful harvest, a victorious battle, and a prosperous voyage or recovery from sickness.  Folk and festival dances also played an important part in the social activities of the Filipinos.
The BOPPFSI, Inc. aims to revisit Philippine culture through dance competitions to showcase different folk and festival dances. We are all inviting everyone to join this exciting event at BALIK KASAYAHAN  SA ROTORUA 2023.
To register and for more information about our cultural competitions please download the information pack complete with the registration form.

Download the Info pack and registration form

The due date is: 21 August 2023, we must receive your completed entry form on this date. Thanks.
For any other queries about the Cultural event please contact  Donna Salubayba