Welcome to the BOP Philippines Friendship Society Inc., we invite you to join our Filipino community group.
To formally join the club, you will need to fill in the Membership Form and pay the annual membership fee.
  • Family – $20.00/per year
  • Single – $10.00/per year
  • Sports Development members or children of the family members can join the sports team being formed for the sports competition during the annual Filipino Labour Day Weekend reunion as well as other special sporting events
  • $100 Donation – the society provides a $100 donation to the member for the loss of his/her immediate family member
  • Letter of Support – the society provides a letter of support to the NZ Immigration Office that can help with relevant visa applications.
  • Income Opportunities –in the occasion that the society conducts fundraising activities all members are welcome to sell his/her special menu/delicacies or other income-generating services with the conditions  apply;
  • Newsletter subscription – the society develops and distributes a newsletter annually to keep members informed about the relevant announcements and key events

Download the membership form